Reducing the use of packaging of the mosaic tiles

Most if not all glass mosaic tiles are made from recycled glass. The use of recycled glass to make new glass products uses less energy, 20% less air pollution and decreases water pollution by about 50%.

Up to now we have been packing our loose tiles in plastic packets, used bubble wrap as filler and protection in the boxes and used plastic tape to seal the boxes. These are not the most environmental choices.

Although we are a small company we decided to minimize or even eliminate the use of plastic packaging when shipping our mosaic tiles. We are slowly phasing out plastic and will start using recycled Kraft paper packets/envelopes, Shredded paper for protection and as a filler in our boxes. Plastic tape will be replaced by paper tape which is 100% recyclable.

We are still looking into eco friendly labels to uses, but we haven’t been able to find anything suitable yet. If you have any ideas for that please let us know. Edit (We now use small recycled and recyclable envelopes where we can print the product code on to reduce the amount of labels we use)

To reduce paper usage, we will email invoices instead of printing them. The only paper we will still print is our packing list.

To encourage this we will discount / subsidize shipping if our customers choose the eco friendly packaging, although our cost are a bit more. But we believe in leaving a green legacy for our future generations. If you like our decision feel free to tell others about it, if you disagree please let us know why.

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