Mosaics of the soviet era

In empires dating back centuries mosaic murals were used to tell stories and depict scenes. In recent Soviet history mosaic murals were mainly used to spread information, slogans and propaganda. These mosaic murals often showed people in heroic situations and proportions. In and on many government buildings, universities, schools these mosaic murals were used to glorify the Soviet union and its people like scientists, soldiers, miners, steelworkers, sports persons, politicians and astronauts.

During construction of new government buildings a large part of the budget was set aside for the creation of these propaganda style mosaic art works.

Under Stalin’s rule in the 1930s, the first mosaic artworks appeared. Many of them adorning the train and Moscow metro stations.

Mosaic art fell out of fashion in the during the 50s under Nikita Khrushchev. In the 60s and 70s mosaic art came back again to the Soviet and form east block countries. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, many of these art works unfortunately are falling into disrepair or are destroyed. Although some are still surviving and there is a call to preserve these works.

Fortunate many photographers professionals and amateurs have been capturing images of these artworks before they disappeared.

Some sources where one can find these images of Soviet era mosaics are listed below.

There is also a book documenting Decommunized :Ukrainian Soviet Mosaics by Yevgen Nikiforov (Photgrapher), Olga Balashova and Lizaveta German. You can buy a copy from Dom Publishers

One might have disagreed with the Soviet era, but one has to preserve these great mosaic artworks as they are part of history and they can definitely be considered masterpieces

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