Mosaic Crafts

Whether you’re young or old, you can do mosaic crafts. With just a bit of creativity and imagination, you can already make functional pieces or stunning objects for home or office use. Through this form of art, you can create original art pieces and decorate your furniture and garden. Mosaic art projects also make great personalized gifts for your friends or family.

The method for creating mosaic crafts the same whether you’re using small or large tiles. A base is a chosen to hold the tiles. If you want to learn more about mosaics, you can search online for some samples or you can also read books and other reading materials. The tiles are commonly called tesserae. Since spaces between the tesserae /mosaic tiles can’t be avoided, grout is placed to cover the gaps. The grout also highlights the work, making it more attractive and captivating. The tesserae can be anything broken plates, metal, glass, wood, rubber, ceramic tiles, stones, beads and other materials. Your imagination is the limit.

When creating your mosaic art, you will need these things – of course your mosaic tiles or any other material you would like to incorporate in your work, tile cutter or tile nippers, glass cutter, good quality gloves, safety goggles, hammer, buckets, water jug, adhesive, sponges, clean cloths, grout or cement, sharp knife, and a plastic cover.

Preparation is essential in creating a mosaic craft. Choosing the correct surface for your project is important. Are you going to put the mosaic outdoors or indoors? If you want to create mosaic for any outdoor space, the base should be water resistant or is not subject to moisture. You can use wood base for indoor mosaic. The choice is yours. Also try to draw your design and make sure you have enough materials for your project

There are different varieties of mosaic available in the market. There are large ones as well as small ones and they come in many different shapes, colors and shades to choose from. Ceramics and glass tiles are among the most used materials, but that does not stop you from incorporating many other things as well. Check out your store room or garage and see if you can find old plates or old tiles etc. With these things, you can create your very own tesserae. Use a hammer and wear your safety goggles to create small pieces of tiles and plates.

Don’t forget to get the right grout color. You need to choose a grout color that is darker than the tile’s color. If the gaps are wide, get the sanded grout but if you’re going to work on finer spaces, the smooth grout is the best choice. Make sure that the mosaic tiles are strongly attached to the base before you grout the spaces.

If you are new to the mosaic craft, maybe start with a small project, you will soon become hooked. If you can imagine it you can mosaic it.

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